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Creative Update 113 – World Cup 2014

Post by Larry Larson Glendale, CA

This is my story, a recap of the highlights of my two and half week journey to Brasil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Since this was my 6th World Cup I have a pretty good idea of how these tournaments play out. There is always a media uproar prior to these events where they try to shame the host country for not being prepared. I have to tip my hat to Brasil and to all of the workers and volunteers with all the negativity put upon them the country responded well as everyone all worked together and pulled off a very successful World Cup.


The streets of the Avenida Atlantica and Avenida Nossa Senhora in Copacabana Beach. Fans of their countries teams wearing their supporting colors all decked in their Hometeams Jerseys. The die hard fans grouped together marching and singing as they go down the street waving their countries flags. A large contingent of Argentinians who were by far the most pre-dominant of the fans. The bars lining all streets packed with people from all different countries inter-mingling with each other and all here for the same purpose to enjoy the nonstop festivities surrounding this tournament.


The subway rides in Copacabana Beach starting at the Cardeal Arcoverde station and direct to the Maracana Stadium. Trains filled to the brim with supporters from all countries reveling in the joy and the experience of the World Cup singing inside the train and hugging each other all the way to the stadium.


The Sands of Copacabana Beach packed with mostly US supporters at the FIFA FAN FEST watching on the Big Screen cheering on their team in their match with Portugal and then erupting with euphoria when the US tied the score the beer was flowing straight out of sky only to have their hearts silenced by a late equalizer.

Trudging through ankle deep water getting from the Hotel to the Train station during a tropical downpour in Recife and finally making it by bus to the Arena Pernambuco Stadium to see the USA vs. Germany. A disappointing result but glad to have made it there to support Team USA where the intrigue was more about the former coach versus the new coach.


The Hometown Brazilians all holding hands clinging to each other’s shoulders for dear life it seemed at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte as their team was put to the brink by a courageous Chilean Team and then only surviving barely on PK’s and all the Brazilian fans exhaling with a huge sigh of relief and again the Beer came down in torrents from the sky.


Fans of The United States congregating in the Central Square of Pelourinho in the Historic City of Salvador prior to the start of their Round of 16 match versus Belgium and Marching with drums beating all the way to the Arena Fonte Nova.


Taking the Train from the Historic Central Sao Paulo Estacao DA LUZ and to the Arena de Sao Paulo with all of the teams supporters dressed to represent the colors of their participating country’s team all in a cheerful mood and talking, laughing and singing all the way to the stadium.


And there you have it the sites and images that I captured for this World Cup. I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and the images that will live on as memories of my most enjoyable visit to the country of Brasil.


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