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Creative Update 150 – We’ll always have Paris

Creative Updates 6/24/2016

Europe trip – Paris

Hello/Bonjour, Creative People, this is Louis from the Design Team.  Long time no see and I would like to share my resent trip to Europe.

My plan was very simple.  I would like to visit the Bièvres International Photofair and then have some quiet and relaxing time in Europe.  By the way, Bièvres is located 18 miles south of Paris.

CU150-1But later on, my plan was changed once my old friend (who resided happily in Basel, Switzerland) told me that they are welcoming to my visit.  They also advised that I should fly with the EasyJet instead of driving.  As a result, I’d visited 5 countries in 2 weeks.


Paris was flooded at that time due to a week of constant raining that never happen before.  All the cruises and the Louvre & Musée d’Orsay museums were closed due to the this disaster.


I was managed to check out le Seine when walking  between the bridge between La Cinematheque française and Bibliothèque national de France

CU150-2Both sides of the rivers banks were flooded.

CU150-3I noticed that increase of graffiti everywhere in the city

CU150-5Paris is still amazing when you look at the Arch of Triumph & Eiffel Tower at night


Before leaving Paris, I was able to squeeze in a museum visit to the MUSEE D’ART MODERNE


They were doing an exhibition on Fauve painter: artist Albert MARQUET (He is a friend of Henri Matisse and I think he is seriously underrated)

At last, I would love to share my time lapse video shooting on iPhone.  Here you go:

Paris trip is over and I will report more interesting stuff on Basel trip next.


Please have a Happy Summer Vacation & a Happy Weekend to you all!


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