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Creative Update 146 – Tips for better sleep

Ladies and Gents – We’re back!

We’ve been on hiatus for a minute. I know you’ve missed us and we’ve missed you! My hope is to get this back on a weekly basis. And if you ever would like to share something – please feel free to reach out!

I would like to share a post from Keith Browne over in our Tucker office. His post provides a few tips on getting better sleep. I’m definitely inclined to read this because, believe me, If you’re like me, I have issues with getting quality sleep! without a further ado, please enjoy this post by Keith and hope y’all have a great long weekend!

-Jason Han


By Keith Browne

Tips for better sleep

As creative professionals, managing work-life balance, it may be hard to manage a good night of rest. Proper rest plays a great role in overall health function in our life.   It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and even get along with others. Below are 7 tips to ensure a better night of rest.

  1. Get on schedule
    Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends, holidays and days off. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and helps promote better sleep.
  2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink
    Don’t go to bed either hungry or full. Your discomfort might keep you up. Also, limit how much you drink before bed, to prevent disruptive middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.


Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol deserve caution, too. The stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine take hours to wear off and can wreak havoc on quality sleep. Try to not have caffeine after 4 pm.

  1. Create a bedtime ritual
    Reading a book, or listening to soothing music — preferably with the lights dimmed. Relaxing activities can promote better sleep by easing the transition between wakefulness and drowsiness.


Try not to have your phone or tablet in use while trying to sleep. Some research suggests that screen time or other media use before bedtime interferes with sleep.

  1. Get comfortable
    Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Darkening shades, earplugs, or even a fan will help create a better atmosphere.
  2. 2:30 Crash Anyone?
    Long daytime naps can interfere with nighttime sleep. If you choose to nap during the day, limit yourself to a power nap of about 10 to 30 minutes and make it during the midafternoon.
  3. Some sort of Exercise People!
    Regular physical activity can promote better sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and to enjoy deeper sleep. If you exercise too close to bedtime, you might be too energized to fall asleep. If this seems to be an issue for you, exercise earlier in the day.
  4. Woosa
    When you have too much to do — and too much to think about — your sleep is likely to suffer. To help restore peace, consider healthy ways to manage stress. Start with the basics, such as getting organized, setting priorities and delegating tasks.


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