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Creative Update 143

Post by Jason Han
Credit: Gavin Yeung/Hypebeast

This Self-Built Treehouse Has a Skate Bowl and Hot Tub Underneath

Professional nomad Foster Huntington has created a brand around his idyllic, transient lifestyle, with his latest project taking up the same aesthetic of whimsy that has made him an Instagram personality. First entertaining the idea of creating a home base from which to plan his projects in February 2014, Huntington and his friend Tucker Gorman finally realized this daydream when they broke ground in June last year. Enlisting the help of friends dropping by, some of whom were professional woodworkers and others having never done anything of the sort, the form of the octagonal, multi-level “Cinder Cone” treehouse gradually took shape over the course of 12 months. Separated into an upper and lower treehouse connected by an arched bridge and roped walkway, the structure also comes with an electricity supply. A skate bowl and wood-fired hot tub were also constructed below the structure to add even more of a “wow” factor to the complex. Throughout the process, Huntington documented the construction in thousands of photos and sketches, which will be released as a part-instructional book on Kickstarter. Watch the video below for a cinematic journey of the construction of the Cinder Cone from start to finish.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.04.03 PM

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