Creative Update

Creative Update 139 – Mind-Bending GIFs by Florian De Looij

Post by Jason Han
Glendale, CA

Ever since he began his adventure with Photoshop at age 12, Florian De Looij has been honing his breathtaking graphic and motion design skills which has culminated into an extensive archive of animated GIFs. Inspired by the likes of M.C. Escher and other artists working with optical illusions, the Dutch designer has set a goal of creating a new GIF every day. If you’re ever in the need of creative inspiration or just simply want to get lost in an endless stream of mind-bending animations, head over to his blog to check out his full range of work.

mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-7 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-6 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-5 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-4 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-2 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-1 mind-bending-gifs-by-florian-de-looij-3

Credit: Hasse Lemola / HUH / Hypebeast

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