Creative Update

Creative Update 138

Office workers install 8-bit superhero mural using sticky notes

A group of coworkers with drab office walls wanted to spruce up the sterile space around them. Using 8,024 post-its, employees volunteered to come into work on the weekend and install a series of pixelated portraits of superheroes and comic book characters onto the interior of their workspace walls.

A carefully chosen palette of colors comprise each larger-than-life composition, with an upside down spider man, superman and batman towering over workstations and passersby the lengthily corridor. Grids span the entirety of the facility, with a sequence of tones mapped out in a mosaic style to reveal the full image of each figure from a distance; at close range, the material and sticky paper quality is clearly visible.

8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-06 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-10 post-its-office-818 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-01 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-03 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-07 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-08 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-04 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-05 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-02 8024-post-its-office-8-bit-superhero-art-designboom-09

Credit: bruck7 / designboom

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