Creative Update

Creative Update 137

Post by Jason Han

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Happy Friday Everyone! I will be keeping in nice and simple this week. Wanted to drop a quote from the one and only Van Gogh. It picked this special one because often I do encounter individuals that spill statements like “I can’t draw” or “I’m not creative”. I truly believe everyone is designer and can be creative/artistic in one way or another. We just have different ways to show it.

  • Plan a  Super Bowl party
  • Making dinner for the family
  • Planning out your weekend
  • Deciding what to wear to work
  • Making a mix CD for a friend

If you can say that you’ve done one or more of the things above – you’re creative, a designer, artistic. There was a creative process in deciding what to make for dinner. You designed how your outfit will work out. Your had to make your socks match your shirt. The sequence of your CD may have been created from your top 10 tracks for 2014. Get it?

Have a great weekend & stay creative!

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