Creative Update

Creative Update 134 – Responsive Logos

Post by Jason Han
Glendale, CA

Happy New Year! There – I said it! I’m sure you’ve guys heard it enough amongst friends and colleagues. But I did it anyhow. Great.

Starting the new year not only do I think of new goals to set but also what’s in store for new design trends. For web designers they have this method called responsiveness. What does that exactly mean? Think of all the devices you can view websites on. Computers, Iphones, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, you name it. The big picture here is that they all have a display of some sort and they’re all different sizes. So If I haven’t lost you yet – the idea of responsiveness is that the website responds to the display size. It adapts to the screen size and optimizes the feel, look, and legibility.


Ok! Are you still with me? Good. In the past, which is not that long ago, when we started seeing responsive websites there were a few things that took place. We saw the properties of the text, images, and objects shift in size and position. Test it out. Check on your desktop and then your mobile phone. You noticed a difference comparing the two right?

With all that in mind – the other week I saw this post about responsive logos. I said to myself, “Oh that’s new. But that’s just shrinking to logo for smaller displays right?” But this wasn’t exactly the case. Yes, they did become smaller on screens that were smaller. However, after testing it out on I started noticing the design on the logos changing! The logos seemed to become more simplified in design rather than just shrinking in size like I expected. The logos used to present this new idea was Coca Cola, Chanel, Nike, and many others.

What do you guys think? Do you see a potential trend in something like this as an addition to responsive website design? Comment below.

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