Creative Update

Creative Update 133 – Pool Story

Post by Mark Phillips
Pool Story
December 31st, 2014

Some people collect Star Wars figures, others take pictures of manhole covers around the world. For me, it’s empty swimming pools. It started around 1984. There was an abandon house on Fremont St. in South Pasadena. Some of the older kids of the neighborhood were riding their skateboards in the empty pool at this house. It was awesome to watch them flow around and go over the light in the deep end. Being that I rode a skateboard to school every day, I wanted to give this a shot.

After school each day for the next several months a few of us went to this pool and rode it. Eventually I made it over the light and that was a huge success for me. It felt good to go fast and push my limits to find different lines in this pool. We each had a different style of riding. Some were goofy-foot, others regular foot. Either way, it was all about having fun and we could relate to each other.

No pool is alike. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors, tilescapes, etc. Some three decades later I still find skateboarding a great way to stay in shape and have fun doing it. While this may be a strange hobby to some, it has been for me a great source of adventure. I like to get together with friends, get out there and have a great time! Happy New Years!!!














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