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Creative Update 129

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SouthWiRED Conference in Atlanta – October 6-10, 2014

Written by Cheryle R. Reynolds – Premium Website Designer – Tucker, GA Office

Several of us from YP’s Digital Operations – Creative Production team attended the SouthWiRED digital conference here in Atlanta, October 6-10, 2014. What a dynamic, thought- and action-provoking week of education, networking and collaboration!

I attended day two of SouthWiRED on Tuesday, October 7. Each session brightened the ideation light bulbs in my head!

My sessions included:

• What is UX? An Introductory Lecture and Workshop

• UX as the First Business Requirement

• Presponsive Design

• The New Brand Leaders

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 2.14.34 PM[Photo Source: Jason Giovanni Corrigan 2014]

“What is UX? An Introductory Lecture and Workshop” was presented by UX Strategist Diane DeSeta. Starting our morning off just right, DeSeta covered the foundation of UX, the concepts of user-centered design and mobile first, what makes a UX Rockstar, and how UX and marketing are coming together strategically.

Matthew Suber, Co-Founder & Product Development Lead, Ampersand Group, Inc. walked us through “UX as the First Business Requirement” using the Atlanta-based startup’s first product as the example for discussion. Suber’s product – “Split” – is a mobile-based CRM for restaurants that allows customers to order takeout or view and pay for their bill at any time when dining-in. Very good session touching on the steps he went through to establish business objectives, identify the team and stakeholders, build the app, test and validate.

“The New Brand Leaders” was presented by the founder of Revinity, Andrew Heaton, a Designer and Writer. This session compared the old paradigm of brand marketing/advertising (brand → advertising → product) to now in the digital age (brand → digital → product). Heaton spoke about very little being done to test brand digital experiences – to which I thought, “Hmmm, YP is definitely on top of that for advertisers.”

By far the best session I attended was “Presponsive” presented by Jabari Adisa, Director, User Experience, Moxie USA. Right now, responsive design is the big thing in web design and development. “But what about addressing users’ needs before they even ask? The best user experiences employ a strategic combination of content and context to make the most of a moment for consumers. ” This eye-opening session took us beyond thinking responsively. Adisa challenges all of us to enhance real life – observe it and then improve on it! He went on to show us several new products on the horizon that do just that – some of which were created by non-technical people who saw a need in technology and developed a product to enhance real life for us all!

All in all, I would give SouthWiRED 2014 9 out of 10 stars!

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