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Creative Update 123 – Art & Happiness….?….something to ponder

Post by Cristina Munoz – Glendale, CA

Art & Happiness….?….something to ponder

Cristina, designer from the Glendale office here, sharing some thoughts on art & happiness. Studies have suggested that people who are happier are more creative, more resilient, more engaged, and more persistent in the face of difficulty and frustration. This would suggest that happier people would tend to be better artists than less happy people.


Certainly popular culture teaches that artists and geniuses tend to be tormented, brooding, angry, etc.

Which is true?

Opinion has it that artists in general are happier people — because they have an avenue of self-expression, and even in the midst of pain, there’s a way for artists to connect with themselves and others… and beauty. Also, it is thought that artists tend to see more possibility in the world, as every slice of life is an opportunity for inspiration, a potential spark for the next creative idea.


I think our society does a huge disservice — to artists and non-artists — by propogating the stereotype of “starving, tortured artist.” I’m pretty sure there are more fulfilled, inspired, and deeply happy creatives (not just artists) out there than not.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyone and everyone is an artist. Below is a little video about art & happiness..check it out..



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One thought on “Creative Update 123 – Art & Happiness….?….something to ponder

  1. Yes absolutely creativity can make you happier, even though Picasso went through a “blue” period it opened up a floodgate of new creative territory that was much simpler yet more profound than the work in his teens.

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