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Creative Update 122

Post by Miecha Jackson

Graphic by Miecha Jackson


Visiting the Atlanta’s High Museum of Art featured exhibit “Dream Cars” was an exuberating experience. I did not realized I enjoyed gawking over cars until I laid on eyes on my dream cars. Not only did my eyes fill with excitement exploring the shiny, colorful, well-crafted automobiles,  I learned the history behind the purpose and origin of car shows and automotive design. I listed a few interesting key points from some of the exhibits.

Interesting Facts:

  • The first official use of the term “dream car” occurred in 1953 in a press release issued by General Motors.
  • General Motors was the first company to have an in-house automotive styling studio.
  • General Motors Styling Section laid the foundation for several of the processes that are still used in car designing today.
  • The design phase of a dream car starts with the stylist proposing variations of ideas, usually through numerous drawings —

drawing2 drawing1

  • The BMW is a prime example of a 21st century  concept car that was not intended for production —


  • Paris Salon de I’Automobile (Paris Motor Show) was and is the international influence of automotive shows and is known as the oldest automobile show
  • Motorama was the General Motors exclusive exposition that allowed the company to tour the country to advertise new colors, form and technology of cars and other products of the future after WWI

 My Dream Cars:

  • Porsche 918 Spyder


  • 1935 Bugatti


  • Images of the honorable mentions:

car1 car3 car4

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