Creative Update

Creative Update 121 – Grammar Pt.2

Grammar Goofs

By Bryan Durio – Website Proofer

Tucker, GA

Continuing with common grammar goofs, here’s another grammar faux pas for your reading pleasure! This is only a rather recent grammar goof; I don’t remember spotting it more than a few years back.


Dr. Proof’s Grammar Goof #2: than or then?

I see this mistake way too often, but this one is easy to figure out.

  • “Than” is used when you’re comparing things. I think higher bit rates sound better than lower bit rates.
  • “Then” is used as a time reference. I played background jazz, then switched to high-energy standards.

images (1)

People tend to write then instead of than because they tend to pronounce them the same way, but they do mean two entirely different things.


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