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Creative Update 120 – Old Guys Jam – Skateboarding in the Bowls of Youth

Post by Leo Ambrose – Glendale, CA

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You don’t quit skating because you get old… You get old because you quit skating
– Jay Adams


Skateboarding lost a pioneer in the tree of our culture/sport/art. Jay Adams was the seed that planted the tree that is now modern skateboarding. So it seemed like the skate gods found it fit that the 3rd stop of the old guys skateboarding series land in the area that that spawned its growth. Santa Monica/Venice – Dogtown!


On Aug 16th Cove Skatepark hosted a bowl riding contest for the 30 and over to come out and skate, cheer, and remember what got us into this thing we do. This contest series was started by few people who thought it would be a great idea to bring together older skaters who still have the fire to get out and compete. Throw in a few sponsors, a DJ and some peers to judge and we are on!!

Before we started, we all took time to remember Jay Adams (Jayboy) with moment of silence.

The age groups are 30-39, 40-49 and 50 and over. The contest started with the smallest group first, 50 and over. The reigning champ Eddie Havina took the top honors with airs, handplants and slides. Next year will be a bit larger with a few of us moving over to challenge him.


Next up 30-39, this group is small but growing as guys who started skating in the late 80’s early 90’s are polishing their skills in bowls and pools now after growing up skating in the streets ripping up stairs and ledges. The winner Nick Daiello gave a last run push of speed, high airs and a hefty bag lip tricks to seal the deal.

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Finally the largest group! 40-49. Our group were the kids of the mid 70’s who grew up in the magazines of the time. Dreaming of pools and skating the first wave of skateparks of the day. This group consisted of over 40 contestants. So it was long day to say the least. Broken into 4 groups, each skater got 3 runs. Two skaters from each group who got the best scores moved into the finals. After 2.5 hours, the judges scored the top guys and then took a break before the finals.

The finals were a battle to say the least. The guys were tired, scarred and bruised. The guys came out gunning and threw everything into the mix. Many had tricks up their sleeve that had not been shown until now. The music got louder, the crowd screamed louder, the other skaters got louder and the skaters went bigger and faster. Once the dust had settled, the judges tallied up their scores and gave the win to Santa Monica local Bennett Harada.

It was a good time and a sad time. But we all walked away with a smile because we knew Jayboy was looking down and he was stoked.

Next stop…..Pedlow Skatepark in Encino, Ca – Oct 11th.

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One thought on “Creative Update 120 – Old Guys Jam – Skateboarding in the Bowls of Youth

  1. Leo killin’ it!!! Thanks for the post!!!

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