Creative Update

Creative Update 118

Post by Jason Han
Glendale, CA

Post by Jason Han
Glendale, CA

With Halloween around the corner I’ve been more inclined to see more artwork around the theme of ghouls, ghosts, and creepiness. Louis Zee from my team shared an artists that does exactly that. Monsters under the bed, three headed beats, and classic ghosts that look like floating table cloths – he does it all and more. He goes by the name Don Kenn.

What’s neat about his artwork is that he does it with only Post-it notes. They all are a bit creepy but somehow displays an act of playfulness – like, how the monsters interact with the human.  You can find his artwork for sale here:

Artwork below. Also if you’re a new to creative update – please check out our old post that shows post-it artwork from our design team. Thanks!…

a_795_20140822100327 a_795_20140822094739 a_795_20140822100424 a_795_20140822100349 a_795_20140822100305 a_795_20140822100246 a_795_20140822100225 a_795_20140822100203 a_795_20140822100141 a_795_20140822100121 a_795_20140822095753 a_795_20140822095717 a_795_20140822095647 a_795_20140822095618 a_795_20140822095557 a_795_20140822095520 a_795_20140822095451 a_795_20140822095429 a_795_20140822095409 a_795_20140822095343 a_795_20140822095321 a_795_20140822095254 a_795_20140822095233 a_795_20140822095212 a_795_20140822095152 a_795_20140822095132 a_795_20140822095117 a_795_20140822095058 a_795_20140822095030 a_795_20140822095016 a_795_20140822095000 a_795_20140822094944 a_795_20140822094919 a_795_20140822094902 a_795_20140822094849 a_795_20140822094834 a_795_20140822094816 a_795_20140822094757

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3 thoughts on “Creative Update 118

  1. Enjoyed it — what a blast from the past! I was certain that the linen closet outside my bedroom had spirits in it that would grab me if I went in there. One day I got brave and curious — perhaps the spirits and I could have fun together? I could take some of the sheets and be a spook myself! I went in there to find that the room was now a broom closet. Drat.

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  3. cristina munoz on said:

    awesome stuff!

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