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Creative Update 117 – Grammar

Grammar Goofs

Post By Bryan Durio – Website Proofer

Tucker, GA

I’ve been keenly aware of English grammar and punctuation as far back as I can remember. In junior high and high school I was an English, music, and science guy – an odd mix. When I read anything, as soon as I find a grammatical snafu in it I’m on the hunt for the next error instead of absorbing the content. Too many mistakes and I just stop reading. I can’t help it! I sailed through Honors English courses in college and was also the editor of an internal newsletter at my first real job when I graduated.


When the Internet exploded I was aghast at all of the sloppy English I saw out there. I even started a freelance proofreading business to do my small part in making the web a more grammatically correct place! I also spent 14 years as a mobile disc jockey and was known as a Grammar Hawk on DJ chat boards, so I decided to start a little series called, “Dr. Proof’s Grammar Goofs,” containing grammar tips to help other DJs with their writing and speaking.


My favorite website for all things grammar is Grammar Girl, “Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.” She explains things well and is an excellent source for grammar tips. You can sign up for her newsletter, which I highly recommend!

Now keep in mind I was writing for DJs, so I used DJ lingo. I hope you enjoy the series!


Dr. Proof’s Grammar Goof #1: “setup” or “set up”?

This one is easy if you think about what you’re saying.

“Setup” is a noun. That DJ has a clean, neat setup.

“Set up” is a verb. I set up my gear and then changed into my tux.


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One thought on “Creative Update 117 – Grammar

  1. Great post Bryan! Thanks for sharing. The information you have shared is resourceful and I plan to spread the news about the Grammar Girl website.

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