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Creative Update 116 – Red Rock Canyon National Park!

Hello again, Creative People, this is Louis from the Design Team. I would like to share with you on my travels.


I went to Las Vegas for a mini vacation the last weekend. On last Saturday, I visited the Red Rock Canyon National Park.


If you never go to this place before, it well worth your time. It’s been ages that I did not step foot here but it was very nice to come back.


It is a desert, no doubt


I’m wondering who would have the privilege to build a house right next to the huge Red Rocks


Once you arrived at the gate, there is an $7.00 entrance fee for you to drive through the park.


There are multiple vista points for you to park the cars and then you could start hiking.


A little rock climbing made my day.


You could do it, trust me.


As a photographer and artist, I felt like I’m in Paradise because no matter where I turn my camera lens , the scene would be picture perfect. The power of nature!


Park & Hike.

To be out there in the wide open space, one can feel the littleness of human existence.


I highly recommend you guys paying a visit to Red Rock Canyon since it is only 15 miles away from the Las Vegas strips. It is so close to the civilization aka the Sin city.


Happy Creating & have lots of fun on this Labor Day looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnng weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Creative Update 116 – Red Rock Canyon National Park!

  1. Thanks for the photo documentation; some lovely images you have! Take care, King Louis

  2. Wow! I love the desert and always enjoy the drive through the Mojave when I head to Vegas, but never considered heading to Red Rocks. I always thought it was much more remote. Now that I know how close and convenient it is to Las Vegas, I will head out there the next time I find Lady Luck turning her back on me!

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