Creative Update

Beauty is Everywhere

Post by Anthea Ancalade Glendale, CA

“Beauty is everywhere” has been my motto for a few years now. As a designer, I constantly feel the need to be aesthetically inspired. I usually look up current website trends, amazing looking websites and logos, tips and tricks to design and coding but i never really looked at what was around me and then one day it hit me. Everything around us is beautiful and inspiring in their own way and we just need to look closer at them to pull a little something from them. For example just looking at a flower in passing probably wouldn’t do much but just taking  the time to see the different tones in color, shapes, texture, lighting etc. could easily be incorporated into product, fashion, web and graphic design. Here are some examples below


These colors are amazing. I would love to use the combination is some kind of website. I can feel the texture of the flower by just looking and it. Grabbing a little bit of that and manipulating it in photoshop will definitely make it a winner.


Wedding dress definitely for this one and the center could be easily incorporated into a lampshade of some sort. Another great texture. 

See what can inspire you tis weekend and take a picture of it. Hey you might use it in your next project!

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