Creative Update

Creative Update 110 – Drones are booming!!!

Hello again, Creative People, this is Louis from the Design Team. I would like to bring you another updates on the Drone photo & Video scenes.


A photographer, screen name capungaero (Indonesia) took the grand prize home with the above photo at the first Drone Photography Competition.


Did you watch the July 4th Fireworks?


A photographer in Nashville, TN surprised us and made headlines with his drone shooting July 4th Fireworks. The POV was moved way up to the sky right next to the fireworks that were exploding. It is a NEW perspective indeed!


A French drone photographer took a sunset photo in a town called Annecy in France.

Soleil couchant sur le vieille ville d’Annecy en france. – You could see more at:


Let us flashback to 2006, the affordable drones with GoPro cameras were not available yet.

What is the solution if you want to do aerial photography?


My friend Stet is a big hobbyist on Remote Frequency Planes and Helicopters field. He asked me to team up with him for this shot in 2006. This photo was taken on a RF Helicopter using a custom camera rig setup. The location was Rancho Palos Verdes and the subject is a Raffle House for charity purpose. A light weighted Pentax Digital camera was mounted in the front. We had a downlink to control the shutter firing remotely. The wind & terrible downlink image did not help much but we were able to capture some good ones.  After countless photos were taken and this is the one that we chose.

Technical details are as follow:

Shutter speed is 1/1000, Aperture is F4.3 and the Focal length is 5.8mm. ISO is 50. It was shot with a Pentax Optio S4 Digital Camera (Light weight) back in 11/17/2006.

When I look back, the drone with GoPro camera is much more economic and efficient solution than this RF Helicopter w/camera rig.  Anyway, it is a GREAT experience for both of us.

Technology advances at a lightning speed and it is up to us taking advantage of this NEW tools in order to reach new heights on artistic expressions.

Happy creating & have a fun weekend!

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