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Creative Update 109 – Wonderwall Inc.

Post by Jason Han – Glendale, CA

Have you ever walk into a restaurant, apparel shop, cafe, or some kind of retail space and was impressed on how the place looked? Most likely you have witnessed  the work of great interior designs. The people who are behind it all are talented people who create space for entertainment and experience.

Wonderwall Inc. – A tokyo-based firm by Masamichi Katayama create spatial experiences with experimental designs for many companies. Some companies that might be familiar with would be UNIQLO, Nike, BAPE, and Godiva. You can find their full portfolio of designs on their website which is filled with photo galleries. – Enjoy!

Some of my favorites:

ozone –

uniqlo –

godiva –

nike –

bape –


Video Overview of Wonderwall Inc.


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One thought on “Creative Update 109 – Wonderwall Inc.

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    After visiting and admiring a retail shop or restaurant, I have wondered who had the idea to create such a beautiful space for others to enjoy. Hats – Off to Wonder Wall Inc! My most favorite design is Godiva. The melting ceiling of chocolate looks delicious enough to eat 🙂

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