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Creative Update 105

Post & Infographic by Miecha Jackson

Blog1 infographAppaloosa is running rapid! The U.N studies show that more people have access to wireless devices than to a commode. Online surfers are breaking away from the desktops and laptops for a more convenient way to optimize Internet usage. As a result, Internet enabled devices are becoming less expensive, readily accessible, and include a variety of mobile apps users can download from the app store.

Will Google rise from the ashes of the burning report of plummeting usage in the world of mobile apps and reverse Thursday’s forecast of losing billions of dollars in the mobile search arena as reported by eMarketer? According to Alistar Barr’s article Google’s Share of U.S. Mobile Search-Ad Dollars Is Falling, Forecast Says, the author analyzed the data from 2012 and compared it to the stats report from 2013. The report revealed the rapid decrease in the app search market. Google is the dominant traditional web browser search advertiser. However, most influential companies have its own app available at no fee. So instead of a consumer searching for a product with Google search, the user can simply launch the company’s mobile app and locate the product, bypassing Google altogether.

While reading the article I asked myself if the dominate search advertiser should break a sweat, as I remembered that no company is too big to fail.

Not going down without a fight, Google retaliates by launching the innovative Indexing App. It allows companies to use deep links to advertise to online smartphones and tablets.

I use Google apps often on my Android device. I believe Google will always have an advantage in the app arena since its apps sync across devices. The traditional search ad king will not have to fret about maintaining its dominant status for the future of search advertising by introducing an innovation for businesses to promote their apps through deep links.

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