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Creative Update 102 – Who is Boy George?



Hello, Creative People, this is Louis from the Design Team located at the Glendale, California Office. It is my pleasure to chat with you again through Creative Updates.

Two weeks ago, my informant aka Swim Dragon from the East LA told me that Boy George is making Silk Screen Prints in Los Angeles.

Who is Boy George?

He is the boy who formed Culture Club in the 80’s. He is the star of the England Romantic movement or British Invasion. Most of you might hear his hits like “Karma Chameleon”, “Move Away” and “Do you really want to hurt me” in the past.

Boy George as an Artist? REALLY? Isn’t he a rock star?

Yes and yes. He got some professional help from a few LA local artists in order to roll out his prints but they are quite interesting.


My point is that we could be easily typecast as something that we are good at but an individual might have more than one skill & talent. People always accuse Hollywood typecasts their actors and directors to certain roles or movies. If this is true, it is sad.


Of course we might never be as good as Leonardo da Vinci but doing thing CREATIVELY once in a while could lead you to a new path!

YOU NEVER KNOW!  More success to you!

Here is link to see the Artist working behind the scene

Here is Boy George dancing with friends

BTW, Culture Club will be back on Tour in UK



Happy creating & making ART!  Wish everyone have a wonderful looooooooooooong weekend!








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