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Hi, Creative People, this is Louis from Ad Production, Glendale Office. It is my pleasure to communicate with you again via Creative Updates.

Recently, I saw a post on Aerial Photography by drone using digital video cameras. It reminds me a project that I did with a friend a few years back.

My friend, Stet, he is a model helicopter guru. One day, his real estate agent friend asked him to do a photo using his helicopter remotely since the house is located at the hill in Palos Verdes. It is impossible to shoot the full view of the house because it is located on a narrow curvy street on a hillside. We needed to fly the helicopter 40ft above the ground in order to shoot.

This a not the helicopter that we used but you get the idea

We went there on a Saturday morning. Our equipment was pretty primitive at that time. It was shot with a Casio Digital Camera and his powerful model helicopter with downlink. The downlink picture that we could see through was full of static & bad and the shutter release was not sophisticated at all. I remember that I was moving the switch (Shutter release) on a remote control constantly trying to capture a few useful photos. Luckily, the photo came out OK. It was for a Charity auction, people entered the fund raising would have the chance to win that house.

Drone Aerial Photography

4Fast forward to last week, I saw this video about Ryan Staake and his team did a shoot for a music video using drones. They built a 7 GoPro Cameras rig that capture the 360-degree view. Drone was on newspaper headlines because the anti-terrorists actions. In fact, drone is more stable and easier to control than the remote helicopter. It is more interesting to put them in good use like creating artwork.

The result of the Go Pro footage is fascinating and ground breaking.

Technology advances forward so quick but I am still surprised that they could push this kind of digital photography to a new limit. It is impossible to do flying images like this with little cost.  It is a lot more affordable & user friendly now. Kudos to the inventors & these artists!

Here is the Music Video by Booka Shade – Crossing Borders:
Behind the scenes/The making of are fascinating too

If you want to use a bigger camera like a DSLR, it is available too.

Funny Photo


If you a purist, you could put your film camera on a drone for photos too ( you might need a wireless shutter release), the sky is the limit! Maybe the space is the new limit now.


Happy Creating & Making ART!







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