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Creative Update 89

Welcome to another issue of Creative Update! This is Steve A. and I thought I’d share some insight on the world of left-handers or “south-paws” as some would call us; more specifically, famous left-handed artists. There’s no denying it. Left-handers are the odd men out. I have heard stories of parents forcing their children to use their right-hand, but the children switch back to their left hand. If that continued then we would not have seen these famous artist’s artwork as we know them today. Being left handed myself, it is a pleasure to see that I am in great company of left-handed artists.

Who are these famous artists you ask?

Leonardo Da Vinci
LeonardoDaVinci MonaLisa

The handedness of Leonardo Da Vinci is controversial. Although there is little doubt that many of his well-attributed drawings were drawn with the left hand, the hatch marks of the shading going downwards from left to right, it is not clear that he was a natural left-hander, there being some suggestion that he may have become left-handed as the result of an injury to his right hand in early adulthood. Leonardo’s lateralization may be illuminated by an obscure passage in his notebooks in which he describes crouching down to look into a dark cave, putting his left hand on his knee, and shading his eyes with his right hand.

Michelangelo Buonarroti
Michelangelo SistineChapel

Another phenomenal painter and sculptor from the Italian Renaissance era, Michelangelo Buonarroti also happened to be a left-hander. Arguably one of the greatest artists of all time, Michelangelo’s most influential and famous works include the stunning sculptures of Pieta and David. As far as painting was concerned, interestingly, Michelangelo never considered himself to be a great painter, but still ended up creating his most famous frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (above). This was the same chapel where he would later go on to paint the The Last Judgment on the altar wall.

Rembrandt StormonSeaofGalilee

Rembrandt was a Dutch painter popularly known for his simple brushstrokes and his remarkable painting style where he showed incomparable mastery in playing with light and shadows. In majority of his paintings, a mystic glow of light is focused around the center, which gradually and subtly fades off into obscure dark corners. He is remembered for his unique portraits, self-portraits and detailed interpretations and drawings of scenes from the Holy Bible. Rembrandt’s most noted works include The Night Watch, The Jewish Bried, Danaë and many more including The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, which is featured above.

It is indeed interesting to know that some of the world’s greatest painters were left-handed. These artists were nothing less than sheer prodigies, who not only left their own mark in the history of art, but also continue to influence artists even today.

Steve A.

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One thought on “Creative Update 89

  1. “There’s no denying it. Left-handers are the odd men out.” does this make me an odd man? i shall do my research to fine odd women artists but i suspect that the info would be more scarce… btw – beautifully written

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