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Creative Update 88

Greetings Creative Updaters!!! This is Graham G. excited to rave about an amazing island in the Caribbean called Trinidad, which will be celebrating one of the most artistic events in the world in a few weeks… Carnival!!!


Carnival is an annual celebration filled with color, music and creativity. For decades, Trinidad’s spectacular carnival costumes have inspired artists and fashion designers around the world. The festival once featured simple costumes made out of fabric accompanied with beads and makeup… in 2014, graphic design has entered the scene and is being incorporated in the costumes.

The artistic aspect of Carnival provides a form of self-expression and exploration for people who participate. Thousands of people join in groups called “bands” and dress up in costumes that represent each band. Carnival is used as a tool to seek out cultural roots, to develop new forms of looking at the world, and to discover what we all have in common while appreciating what makes us different.

In the early 19th century, the costumes looked like this:
Most of them were homemade and full of intricate design.


In the mid 20th century, carnival costumes started to reflect fine art a bit:


In the late 20th century, costumes became very vibrant and extravagant:



Today, the designers have utilized printing technology to enhance the aesthetic quality of the costumes by outsourcing the costumes to manufacturing companies overseas. They now generate thousands of costumes with printed fabric which has changed the look of carnival a bit. Graphic designers are now working with costume designers in a unique way to create amazing new costumes for masqueraders.

For the first time in carnival’s history, graphic design is taking the lead in generating Trinidad’s spectacular costumes.


Although, the tradition of feathers and beads still has a major presence, it will be interesting to see where Graphic design and technology takes carnival in the future.

The beauty and creative spirit of carnival has certainly inspired me and I hope that you are also inspired by its amazing use of color and design.

Graham G.


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