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Creative Update 85


Year of the Horse

Louis from Glendale Design Team.

Kung Hey Fat Choy!  Next Friday (Jan 31st, 2014) would be the first day of Chinese New Year.  We will be saying Goodbye to the Snake and welcome the year of the Horse.

Chinese New Year is based on the lunar (moon) calendar while the Western Calendar is coordinate with the sun.  CNY is usually starts in February but this year it falls on the last day of January.

A bunch of traditional activities and festivities would celebrate the Lunar New Year.  I want to focus on the Zodiac of this year.

Year of the Horse

Red is the official color to celebrate CNY.   You could see colorful traditional paper cut with sophisticated pattern as a way to express the mood of celebration.

image003 image001

People will use black ink and brushes to write Calligraphy. Greetings each other good health during New Year is a must do.  Again, it has to be on red paper.  Now you got the motif, right?  Then we will paste it on the door like a poster during the CNY period.

It says Horse Year Good Luck in Chinese Characters.

Post Offices of US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China & around the world would release new zodiac stamp every year.
This one is the Horse year stamp from 12 years ago (2002)  Yes, there are 12 Zodiacs in total, it takes 12 years to finish a cycle.

In addition, I want to introduce a Chinese artist.  He is really good at painting horses.  His name is Xu Bei-Hong.

These works were done with ink on paper.  It takes a lot of time practicing to handle a brush that skillfully.

One of the graphics design works I found online that combining Horse Year & 2014.


Finally, the above artwork is sent to me by my buddy from Hong Kong: Andrew & it is part of his company’s CNY online greetings card.

I wish everyone a healthful, happy & prosperous in the coming Horse Year!  Of course, STAY CREATIVE too!  It is my pleasure to share this info with everyone.

This is Louis from Glendale Design Team.

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