Creative Update

Creative Update 82

Hello this is Jason. Back to bring you yet another creative update! Hope you all had a memorable Christmas and are ready for the new year. This week I wanted to show some student package designs that have caught my attention. It’s fun to look at students concepts and ideas. With the ones I’m showing you today – I think they were all well executed, clever, and a bit humorous. I leave you with that and move forward with the eye candy. Have a wonderful and safe new year!

Jason – Glendale, CA

Package Designs found on

butter1Designed by Yeongkeun | Country: South Korea

lovely-package-sam-kittinger1-e1318653844761Designed by Sam Kittinger | Country: United States

lovely-package-marisol-escorza4-e1331366946631Designed by Marisol Escorza | Country: Spain

lovely-package-otilia-erdelyi1-e1343972180246Designed by Otília Erdélyi | Country: Hungary

lovely-package-helvetica-beer-2-e1358573133168Designed by Alexander Kischenko | Country: Russia

lovely-package-duracell1Designed by Spencer Bigum | Country: United States

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