Creative Update

Creative Update 80

Happy Friday!

Last weekend I headed over to Santa Monica for a annual art show held at Giant Robot. The idea is to have a series of artists put down their art on post-it notes. Any medium can be used. I had a hard time taking photos because it was so packed with people trying to buy their favorite pieces. All the pieces were a fixed price of $25! Definitely a steal.

How about our own post-it display right here?

IMG_2142If you’re interested – please create your own personal post-it art piece. E-mail it to me – by next Wednesday 12:00pm PST. In your email please have a photo of your post-it, your name, and which office you’re from. I will post them on the next creative update. Thanks!

/// Events:
Winter 2013 Renegade Craft Fair December 14 + 15, 10am – 5pm
Woodbury University’s WUHO Gallery – Deborah Sussman Loves Los Angeles! Until Saturday 1pm-6pm – Thanks, Andreas for sharing this one. ///

Jason Han – Glendale, CA.

IMG_2070 IMG_2072IMG_2067IMG_2073

postitshow9-tiffany-liu postitshow9-cristina-paolos postitshow9-elaine-chou postitshow9-susie-ghahremani postitshow9-sean-chao postitshow9-nathan-ota postitshow9-amy-sol postitshow9-gr2 postitshow9-grImages below are from supahcutepostitshow9-jared-andrew-schorr

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