Creative Update

Creative Update 66

Ah…it’s that time again to share my creative thoughts with everyone. My Name is Cristina Munoz I design out of the Glendale Design Team. Well, let’s see…I can begin by letting you know that at one point in my life my goal was to become an Illustrationist. I reveled in the creative bliss drawing and painting had provided me. Illustration seems to take on, or rather engulf, a piece of its artist and you can see that in a finished piece of work. In this day and age of advanced technology, so much can be done on the computer that at times it can be difficult to decipher between hand drawn art or digitally created art. At times it’s difficult to choose between the two. In my opinion, each holds its own depending on what is trying to accomplish or convey. At one point I veered more towards the traditional art – getting your hands dirty and being able to mix colors with your fingers or brushes. But, as I think about it..I am open to both, mainly because each produces a piece quite unique and worthy of conversation.

Can you tell whether the photo below is traditionally illustrated or digitally produced?


Artist Paul Cadden (

An amazing artist by far!
Below is my attempt using markers.
Cristina Munoz
When you get a free moment check out Illustration website. They showcase amazing…truly amazing artists that create by hand or digitally.
Happy Drawing! 🙂


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