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Creative Update 56 – Typography

Hey there, I’m Kim Brown and I’m a designer here in the Glendale, CA office. Typography is one of the most important skills you’ll need to master as a designer. I’m currently obsessed with Typography. For all the non-designers out there, Typography is “The art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them.” In a nutshell, it’s making the words on a website or a logo type look exceptional. Working in the Graphic Design field is extremely competitive and requires constant learning and improving upon your skills, as design trends are constantly changing.

Typography is an art in itself and the core of great design. Choosing the wrong font for a logo, or the wrong font for product packaging can negatively impact the overall message to its receiver. To improve one’s typography skills, it’s best to view what bad + good typography looks like. Additionally, investing in some online courses via or is a great way to learn important techniques and the foundations of typography.

To get myself inspired I constantly look at typography in use and ask myself if it’s effective or not. I also frequent many design blogs or magazines to gain insight from industry professionals. Here are a few helpful links to see good and bad typography in use. What are some sites you go to for inspiration?

Examples of Bad Uses of Typography

Great Examples of Typography Posters


Kim Brown
Designer, Digital Operations

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