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Creative Update 55 – Paola Antonelli

Hi all,
Thinking about design is sometimes just as important than designing in itself, particularly if this thinking is combined with a keen sense of education. For this week’s edition of the blog, I’d like to introduce you to Paola Antonelli, one of the world’s foremost experts on all aspects of design. She’s also the lead curator for design an New York’s MoMA. Now, you may think ‘that’s a little pretentious’, but if you listen to her speak, you quickly realize that she has an extremely large sense of design that includes many aspects of design, some of which are downright lowbrow and fun. But more on this later.
Interestingly enough, Paola has ties to Los Angeles, where she taught design at UCLA. Unfortunately, I missed those years, but managed to see one of her talks at LACMA a couple of years back. Now on to the topic.
Her biggest achievement – at least for me – is that her definition of design is vast and encompasses not only what traditionally is considered design, such as graphic and product design, but includes design process and maybe more importantly interaction design, a very recent development. She also has included design items like fonts, and video games into the design collection of the MoMA.
Now, check out some of her talks. My favorites here:

1)      Why I brought Pacman to MoMA. This one’s funny, if you’re sensitive, I believe the s-word gets mentioned once or twice. You’re forewarned.
Paola Antonelli

2)      Design and the elastic mind. I saw a version of this talk at LACMA. This is a serious talk and will get you thinking. The show was awesome, as is the catalog that goes with the show.

3)      Big Think. Lots of smaller videos, easy to grock.
Paola Video

4)      Design introduction. This is geared at teens, though I liked it a lot ;’)


I hope you’ll get some thoughts on design and what it means. Would love to hear your definitions and thoughts of design.

Happy weekend,

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