Creative Update
Steve Powers

Creative Update “50”

Hi there this is Dale Raines I work in the Glendale Design Team.

Steve ESPO Powers. Graffiti artist, sign painter/muralist, writer, poet. Mr. Powers communicates/paints with words. He’s recently been doing something over on Instagram called “Daily Metaltations”, where he paints a thought, a feeling, and statement a day. A lot of his works are witty, funny, and even philosophical. “It’s Funny Because It’s True, and It’s True Because It’s Funny”, sums up what his work is all about. Below are a list of links to help you get to know the artist:

Steve Powers

Great interview:

Steve Powers

His own website and shop:

Steve Powers

Steve Powers’ Instagram:

Steve Powers

If anything, watch the Youtube vid, as his humor as an artist is quite likeable.

Have a good weekend,


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One thought on “Creative Update “50”

  1. If y’all are digging Steve Powers, and want to get deeper into his processes in the studio and on a larger scale, like the Macy’s parking structure in Brooklyn, NY, check out this other Youtube clip: It’s about 12 minutes of your time. THX everyone! -Dale 🙂

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