Creative Update

Creative Update 46

Hi all,
This week is dedicated to Los Angeles and to the stories of growth. Funny enough, both of these stories play on the ‘East Side’. First up is Sqirl, which is run by the wonderful Jessica Koslow. I think I told you all about the jam making class that I took in her kitchen a while back. Now, she’s converted her kitchen to a café and I’m delighted to tell you that it’s awesome. Not only does she have wonderful sandwiches, but the coffee is top notch. In fact, it’s like two separate businesses, coffee by G&B and food by Sqirl. Now Jessica is getting the chance to make her space even bigger as renovations are coming soon. Check it out!


Another wonderful and growing business is cookbook. Somewhat strangely named cookbook is a grocery store in Echo Park. It’s small, but incredibly well stocked with lots of organic everything. They also have breads, among them what I would consider some of the best baguette in town. But now comes the kicker, they have opened a restaurant further down Sunset called Cortez. My friends in the know tell me it’s great. Judging by the photos of ‘The Selby’ it looks like a great space. Oh, and they serve Sightglass coffee, not a bad choice at all.


Love to see these guys expand 🙂


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