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Creative Update 42

Hello Everyone this is Linh! Happy Friday!

Just in case anyone needs a kick during the day, I want to share thoughts about one of my favorite things in the world. COFFEE!!!

Here are a few places in Los Angeles that I enjoy going to when I get the chance.


One of the more popular places is Intelligentsia. It started in Chicago and made its way to LA.  This is a great place to get drip coffee, but my favorite drink to order is a cappuccino. There are a few locations in LA, visit If you don’t get a chance to go to their locations, their coffee beans can also be found at Whole Foods.


If you are ever in the west side of LA, another great place is Balconi Coffee Company. My best friend took me here to try their Almond Essence Latte and it was awesome!  It’s a cute local coffee shop that picks coffee beans from different places to brew.


This leads to Handsome Coffee Roasters which was used by Balconi Coffee Company the day I visited.  This place was started by a few guys that worked at previous coffee places and decided to join together in Los Angeles to create Handsome. I have not been to their flagship location, but I have had their coffee at other locations around Los Angeles and I have to say it’s one of my favorite coffee beans.

Sweet Maria's

If you are a big coffee lover and want to try to roast your own coffee, this is a great place to visit for instructions and green beans.

Other coffee places:

Jones Coffee in Pasadena:

Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz:

Marley Coffee:

On a side note from Andreas:
Eric Gill Press Release

There’s an interesting show on typographer Eric Gill (of Gill sans fame) that is about to close at LMU’s Laband gallery. There are tons of his works, which are typically very difficult to find. If you’re into early 20th century modernism and art, you may be interested in this show.



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