Creative Update

Creative Update 38

During my college years studying photography, I engulfed myself into several photographers’ body of work that I admired.     This time period was ‘pre-digital’ so I was shooting with film and primarily shot with black & white film and natural light.  I shot with all different sizes of cameras from 35mm, medium format roll film and large cameras with sheet film.  I photographed different subjects such as landscapes, still-lifes and portraits just like the photographers I have listed below.  I developed my own film and printed my own images.  I took great joy in both the picture taking and image making aspects of photography.  Later on I started photographing more with color film and started using a studio light set-up.  I also started shooting different types of subject matters…  sports, food, product and event photography.

Ansel Adams

ansel-adams-2_ Ansel-adams-1_

Brett Weston

brett-weston-2_ brett-weston-1_

Edward Weston

edward-weston-1_ edward-weston-2_

Richard Avedon

Richard-Avedon-1_ Richard-Avedon-2_

Annie Leibovitz

annie-leibovitz-1_ annie-leibovitz-2_

My Photography

Leaf-veins2 Pointe-Vicente-Lighthouse---Sepia PV-Tree Stephenie Summer-is-gone... Gus Hillside---sunset-1280

Thank you…

Thomas Quintana

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