Creative Update

Creative Update 36

Hello All! We currently have many team members out on holiday vaca. So here I am again bringing you another post.  I’ll keep it short. But I hope you enjoyed my previous post about burgers. I can only image that it made your taste buds yearn for some of those treats.

I wanted to share with you a couple of iPhone apps that can brush up on your graphic design skills and knowledge. Anywhere from identifying the anatomy of type to choosing a color palette that can make your current design project pop.

Font Game

A game to test your knowledge about type. Is that a counter? What typeface is that? Is that a serif or sans serif type? This app will put you to the test with three levels of difficulty. Master this game and maybe next time you’re on a date – you can impress that special someone by correctly identifying the typeface used for the menu at the dinner table.  Please don’t.

SimpleMind Touch
Mind mapping. Brain storming. Things we do before or after researching assets for design work. This app will allows you to brainstorm your next and future projects on the go. Run this app and let the juices flow. Let the best concepts be yours.

Palettes 2.0

This app helps with color creation. What I like is you can create a color palette from your own photos or photos from the web. You can also input your own colors manually. Have you ever loved a color of something you saw while you’re out and thought it would be great on a personal design? Take a photo of it and find out that color code!


Happy Last Friday of the year! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and since this will be the last post of the year – I want to say have a great new year and wish you the best moving forward. Be safe!



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