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Creative Update 35

How about food? Creativity in food. How about a hamburger? Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? I wanted to share a couple of spots that I’ve tried in Los Angeles that I think is worth venturing out to. Restaurants that make what was just a regular hamburger into something more.

Fathers Office

What’s good about this place is that instead of using lettuce like any original burger – they use arugula which is a game changer. The patty and sauces together bring kind of savory caramelized taste. The arugula, being somewhat bitter, balances out everything. They also have a great selection of beers and wine – just saying.

Westside Tavern

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Vague may it be – I remembering saying to myself, “this is the best burger that I’ve ever had.” I recall what was great about this burger was the meat and bun. The meat was just how I requested it to be, medium rare, not dry. The bun was able to hold the fort – it didn’t fall apart like most burgers do.

The Hungry Cat003

This is what some may say is a knife and fork burger. I tried to handle it like a regular burger but failed miserably. If you’re all about meat – this is the spot. Huge Patty,  slabs of bacon, and avocado. You can’t go wrong. Just remember there’s no customizing this burger. They don’t allow it. You order it and that’s it. No holding the mayo or cheese. Just a little tip.

The Lazy Ox004

Located in the Little Tokyo is place you can grab a burger and drinks rather than Japanese food. It has also been while since I’ve been here and but do remember the burger being extremely good. The bun, like one one at Westside Tavern, holds the burger together. The sauces they give on the side are amazing. I believe the the yellow one is a mixture of mustard and peppercorn and I swear the orange one is cheese wiz. Haha.

Other spots:
Umami Burger
Hamburger Hamlet

All these places are great if you want to try something other than fast food chains that serve burgers. They’ll open doors to new and interesting eats. So check these places out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays! Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

A couple of neat links found by team members.
Merry Scrolling with skrollr.js – Thank You Dale
There’s no place like home – Thank You Louise

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