Creative Update

Creative Update 32 – Digital Art

Hello everyone! I’m Anthea Sefa-Boakye Ancalade and I work as a designer in the Glendale, CA office. I am going to share some of my creative interests with you.

I love photography and painting but the combination of the two digitally is what I love the best!

Two of my favorite digital artists are Sanjay Kothari (left) and Maggie Taylor (right). They have two very different styles but both of them share the love for manipulating the look of a photo by adding their own components to make their fantasy come alive. Just looking at their work gives me lots of inspiration in the work I do in and out of office!

Another very talented and successful artist I have been obsessed with for many years is Dylan Cole. He is a concept artist and matte painter and has worked on projects for movies like Tron, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland and many others. He created most of the backgrounds you see in these movies. You can find more samples of his work here.

Lastly, I like to dabble in a few digital art projects of my own. Here is one I completed not too long ago, titled “…says the frog to the dog”.  Some more samples of my work can be found here.

I hope these artists inspire you as they do for me.


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