Creative Update

Creative update 31 – 5 Tips for creativity!

cre·ate [kree-eyt]: To evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

Greetings Community of Creatives!
How do we become more creative? As artists, designers, free thinkers, revolutionaries, and weirdo’s interested in the process of creativity, we are constantly looking for ways to inspire and spark our thoughts and imaginations. Here are 5 tips for strengthening your creative muscles and increasing your ability to contribute the unique creative gifts you possess:
1. Break the rules! First you have to know the rules to break ‘em, so get informed, know your history, do your research and learn how to use the tools you need so that you can flaunt your rule-breaking awesomeness!
Here’s an example (right): Architects designed hotel rooms underwater in the Maldives (Indian Ocean).
2. Explore your City! If you happen to be in a big city like Los Angeles or New york, you have tons of options for exploration! Art Galleries are perfect for gaining a new artistic perspective and keeping your creativity fresh.
Here are some great Art Galleries showing fantastic artwork in Los Angeles this month:

Mark Moore Gallery

thinkspace Gallery

Koplin Del Rio Gallery

3. Pray! Finding a way to stay focused, grounded and centered can do wonders for your creative output! Millions of people around the world use the power of prayer to heighten the quality of their lives. Studies have shown that prayer also improves your health, showing positive results with high blood pressure, asthma, heart attacks, headaches and anxiety (Check out the article here!) Throughout history, artists and creative individuals have tapped in to their spirituality to generate ideas that have never been seen before!
4. Get some nature! Nature is full of creativity. You’d be surprised by what a simple hike or visit to the aquarium will do for your creative instincts. Getting fresh air and experiencing a beautiful day can rejuvenate your verve in ways you never imagined!
Here are some ideas for Southern California:
Griffith Park Night Hike!

Walk, golf, or relax in Rancho Palos Verdes

The Long Beach Aquarium

5. Just make something! Sometimes just simply having fun doodling, sketching or messing around with Photoshop can spark an amazing idea! You never know where it will lead until you take some time to let a bunch of random creative nonsense out of your system. Children say, do and create the craziest things because they have no filters limiting them… get rid of your filters and discover a world of creativity that you forgot you had!
Here are some really creative links:

Bonus for Designers:
You’ll never discover how creative you truly are unless you strive for it today!!!
by Graham Goddard
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