Creative Update

Creative Update 30


The name is Jason Han. I’m one of the web designers here in the Glendale, California office. Today I will share a little bit of stuff that relates to art, creativity, design, and the team I work with.

The artwork you see above is by James Jean. Every time I look at his artwork It just amazes me. He definitely has a distinct palette that defines his work. His use of different shades of the same color, using high contrasting elements really make the work standout and pop. I can stare at work for hours and never get bored. If you ever get a chance to see his artwork live at a show or exhibition, you shouldn’t pass it. It’s definitely not to be missed.

The second segment of this update is something I thought of randomly and thought it would be fun. I created a blank figure illustration and handed it out to the design team. I wanted to see what they could come up with without using the computer. I felt that it might be refreshing and fun to break out of our digital art platform and turn to our foundations for this. Check it out!

Click the images to enlarge.



From Left to Right.. Template, Armando Renteria, Cristina Munoz, Anthea Sefa-Boakye, Dale Raines, Graham G., Louis Zee, and Jason Han.

TEAM: You Guys did a great job! All of these are amazing! Thank you for participating in my creative update this week!

Have a fun and safe weekend! Peace!

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