Creative Update

Creative Update 22

It is hard to decide what to include in my creative update. How do I thrill, inspire, and amaze in just one blog? Perhaps that’s reaching a little too high. How about just a trip down the “what inspires me lately” lane. Here goes:

I am an eater. Not a foodie. There is a distinction these days. I am pretty simple and I don’t like very fancy things. I don’t want the latest gastrique technique. I don’t want deconstructed mac n cheese.  I don’t want anything foamy unless it is in my latte. Not much for cooking either actually.  But I do like to eat and I love to look at food pics. There are hundreds of food sites out there. A few I traveled across recently have interesting recipes but also some beautiful pics. Sorry Andreas – not a log of vegan only lists.

I have been a gardener for many years. I come from great gardeners and even kept a worm bin on my fire escape in NYC. Living in Atlanta, I have had to learn all about southern landscaping. Out went the subscription to Sunset Magazine ( and started my Southern Living ( I still peruse the Sunset site for recipes , travel ideas, and great California finds.  Now with SL I am learning gardening the southern way (clay soil, HOT!, with a snap of freezing) and while I process new plant combo ideas I get slowly indoctrinated into southern living like,  – like tailgating recipes next to flower arranging, followed by an article on a must see store run by the cutest little southern lady in her perfect outfit – no hippies or Birkenstocks in these pages.  I must share too that my little city, Decatur, GA.  was just listed as one of the Tastiest Towns in the South by SL,   I do agree. Come anytime and we will go eat there.

Finally, I also cannot pass up the opportunity to warn (I mean tell) you about the magazine that was in my hotel the day I arrived here two years ago, I kid you not. It is real, glossy, and frankly has great pictures.

I love Pinterest. Don’t care if I am a demo target, don’t care if others have moved on and are now in the uncool camp.  I still love Delicious too but I like to scan visual collections – sometimes just for day to day inspiration like what color should I paint the door but sometimes there are “stop you  in your tracks” moments like when I found this woman’s work:  – and this very well tended meditation on color and collection.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Heather Phoenix

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