Creative Update

Creative Update 21

Happy Monday! Last week we only got out a short update, so here’s some stuff to get you started into this week.

On the local LA front, I’m delighted that San Francisco’s General Store has landed in LA, more precisely in Venice. They are here:

I got a chopping board from them this summer that I adore. It’s more like a slice of a tree (including bark) than a traditional chopping board. It works and looks great. While in Venice twice last week, I visited DEUS (corner Lincoln/Venice) and found their cold brewed coffee to be delectable. No soy milk though, they must change that. A brief stop at Wurstkueche on Lincoln for an early dinner with a friend didn’t disappoint either: vegetarian sausages, great fries and Oktoberfest seasonal beer rounded out a simple, but terrific meal. This location is very similar in size and layout to the one in downtown and I couldn’t tell the difference in food. I like both locations very much.
If you know me, then you have surely heard of my Friday afternoon routine, which typically includes a stop at the Echo Park farmers’ market, followed by ice coffee (rain or shine) at stories café on Sunset. As of late, my routine now includes a small, but highly edited neighborhood grocery called cookbook . Their baguettes are incredible and alone are worth the trip. Chango Café just a couple of doors has been renovated, but have yet to go.

While I think about food and drink, my latest obsession (shared by Linh Hang) has been coffee roasting. It’s incredibly easy and has saved me money as buying green beans is a lot cheaper than buying hipster coffee. It all started with a starter kit from Sweet Maria’s which includes a roasting pan and a good amount of coffee. I’m on my fourth batch, experimenting with different roast styles and temperatures. All in all, the coffee has turned out great and much more to my liking than what one can buy at the store. In particular, I have been making cold brew and I must say it’s super easy, fun and totally apropos in this super hot weather of ours. Here’s the recipe that I’m using Awesome ice coffee that doesn’t break the bank. What’s not to like!?

Last but not least, I chanced on this totally wonderful and creative band from Dublin Ireland called Little Green Cars and have been loving their music ever since. They’re coming to Los Angeles soon, check them out here:

Happy week,

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