Creative Update

Creative Update 18

Here in LA, the weather has finally calmed down a little bit and we finally have reasonable temperatures again. I made use of this and went to the Altadena Farmers’ Market which is held every Wednesday from 3 – 7PM. I am going to a wide range of markets all over town, and this one is great because it has a wonderful selection of produce, lots of it organic, and has terrific vendors including plow & gun coffee, sqirl jams, and Brassica&Brine pickles. Loved the bread stands too. Check it out here:

Next up is a related organization where a friend of mine learned how to make cheese. Most excellent cheese, even if it’s not my thing. I am very excited about their home coffee roasting class, and the cocktail class doesn’t sound bad either, now that I think about it.

If you haven’t seen the Hammer LA art show, it’s still on, though not for long. A very fresh set of points of view:

Ending on a totally non-LA note: I have been enamored with Alabama Shakes. Their Boys&Girls LP is on frequent rotation on my turntable. This band knows how to rock and their recent concert here was a blast from what I hear from my friends.

ciao a tutti,

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