Creative Update

Creative Update 16

I’m excited to be doing creative update #16. My update will be focused on my favorite things in life with an international twist. J

Vietnamese Food – Since I was raised with such great Vietnamese food from my parents, I’m constantly looking for good Vietnamese recipes. My go to site is I have tried a few of their recipes and one of my favorites is the crab noodle soup: Their recipes are great and remind me of my childhood. I also had a chance to meet the couple at a dinner event. They are a very nice and lovely couple as it shows on their site.

d’doici desserts – d’doici desserts ( recently opened in my new town of Pasadena. The owners are 3 Pasadena Art Center College of Design School graduates who still focus on art at their store. The main dessert they serve there is sponge/cheesecake. The sponge cake is light and flavorful (the lemon/basil cake is awesome). You can also enjoy the dessert with a cup of coffee. Not only does this place have good desserts, the store itself is art. The décor is modern with a vintage touch. The owners also sketch paintings on their wall and every coffee cup is sketched. Here is a photo of their coffee cups:

Levitt Pavilion Pasadena – The pavilion has free summer concerts from June 16-August 16. You can find the schedule at: Before the free concerts, there is small fair where they have food vendors and other vendors showcasing their products. During the concert, you can picnic on the grass while you enjoy the music. I recommend arriving 30 minutes before the concert to get a good space on the grass area.

Yuna – We went to the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena and attended a free concert from a new artist Yuna ( Yuna is an indie rock singer/songwriter from Malaysia, who recently released her first album.

Zee Avi – Moving on to my favorite Malaysian singer Zee Avi ( I have been a fan of Zee Avi since she first started. Her music is soulful and jazzy. She has 2 albums with great songs titled “Bitter Heart,” “Concrete Wall” and many more.


Lately, I have been on a UK fashion kick. There are 2 online sites I enjoy browsing. – This site has reasonable and high end clothes for both men and women. The site offers free shipping and free returns. The only down side is that it may take a few weeks to receive your shipment and process your return.
– Boden is also a great site for clothing. It was founded by Johnnie Boden in 2004 in Hanger Lane, London. Now he offers clothing online for UK & US customers. The site offers free shipping here and there. The styles are awesome with great quality.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi – This films documents a sushi master Jiro Ono and owner of 3 Michelin Star Restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. I recently watched this film on DVD and really enjoyed the story behind it. Jiro Ono is an 85 year old perfectionist that wakes up and loves the job he does every day. You really admire his work ethics and his passion for what he has accomplished in his life.


In September, I will be on my 2nd trip to Seattle/Vancouver. If anyone has a chance to travel there, I wanted to give a few recommendations.

1. SAM

is a great museum to check out if you have the chance. They have a great collection of artwork.

2. Piroshky Bakery

This is a Russian bakery that serves a variety of Piroshkis (Russian Bread). The line is usually out the door but don’t get intimidated by the line, it actually moves fast. This is a must if you head to Seattle. The bread is amazing.


1. Vancouver Art Gallery ( is another nice museum to check out. It has great artwork plus the architecture of the building is very beautiful.

2. Vancouver Chinatown Night Market – This Night Market is from May-September. This will be my first time going to the Night Market but I have heard great things about it which includes the food, entertainment, and other vendors. I’m very excited to able to attend this event in September.

I hope everyone enjoyed my creative update. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Linh Hang

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