Creative Update

Creative Update 13

Guest editor today.

In keeping with the local theme, I wanted to focus on items from behind the ‘orange curtain’.
Creativity and Laguna Beach go hand in hand, especially during the Summer.

The Festival of Arts is celebrating its 80th year:

The Pageant of the Masters was started the next year by the Art colony.
Watch real people posing to look exactly like original art pieces, accompanied by a professional orchestra. A truly unique way to appreciate creative work, under the beautiful Laguna night.

The Sawdust Festival (across the street) was started in the 60s to protest perceived FoA elitism. It focuses on local Laguna artists:

as did the Art-A-Fair:

I encourage you to spend a day in the canyon and along PCH.
Along with the festivals, there are many intriguing restaurants and galleries to explore and a beautiful coastline as well.

Around the corner from the festivals, Crankbrothers is a bicycle component company that has always produced products with strong design.
Crank Brothers

I especially enjoy the attention they give to packaging:

This OC brewer is winning fans worldwide by producing some very unconventional offerings and staying small:

From outside the OC, the swissmiss is making some fun temporary tattoos:

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Chris Johnson

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