Creative Update

Creative Update 12

I’m back ;’) Had a week and a half of blissful vacation in NorCal and thought I’d share some findings:

It all started with a roadtrip to our friends in Berkeley. As on every roadtrip I take a book with me (yes, dead wood media). One of my favorites is ‘Dharma Bums’ by Jack Kerouac. Its story takes place in – surprise – Northern California, in and around Berkeley, Mt. Tam, then moves farther north. It’s a delightful piece of work, reasonably short and less demanding than say, the original scroll version of ‘On the Road’, another favorite.
As luck would have it, Roy Choi, a famed LA restauranteur has been described as a dharma bum by the NYTimes. He was arguably the founder of the now worldwide food truck craze with his Kogi trucks. His interesting, if controversial blog is here (warning: language):

Along the food and drink we shared with friends and family, we had wonderful moments together. A huge part of this is being able to sit outside in warm CA weather and chill together. Preparing for such moments, you’ll find me (and some of my colleagues from YP as I have recently found out) at the Echo Park farmers’ market on Friday:

One thing I like about this market is that the food and crowd are distinctly mixed, just like the neighborhood. There are hipsters (obviously), lots of Latin Americans, and a ton of other folks from all walks of life. I dig it.

On the soundtrack side, I ran into some cool designers up north and we listened to some great roots reggae including Horace Andy (check out the best of) during a relaxed evening in a beautiful Eichler house on Lucas Valley in San Rafael . Horace Andy is very cool and if you’re into his music, you may also like King Tubby, Mikey Dread and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, both of whom produced for the Clash. I have picked up albums of these guys across LA for reasonable prices.

Leaving with a visual highlight is the famed ‘Sea Ranch’, where we stayed for two nights, hiked, and enjoyed the incredible scenery. Sea Ranch is known as much for its setting on the Pacific, its modern architecture, and ‘supergraphics’, more here:

and about some of the supergraphics here:

Happy weekend,

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