Creative Update

Creative Update 7

For this creative update, we’re going back to our roots and talk about typography and type history. The first is a former factory, now a museum for woodtype. Amazing stuff:

One of the customers of the above museum is the Hatch Show print shop. Amazing, iconic work, particularly the Johnny Cash poster: Hatch Show Print

On the local front, there’s a print museum that has great equipment from replica Gutenberg press to working Linotypes. I loved to see things in action there. If you’re into printing at all, this is a great and easy weekend outing: International Print museum

On the blog front, these two have consistently been interesting. House is a very interesting company that has done really great collaboration including Hermes, Neutra, Eames, Herman Miller, etc. An impressive list. – type blog / magazine – House Industries’ blog

If you happen to be in NYC, this looks to be an amazing show with an even better catalogue. More here:
Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language show at MoMA in NYC:

and here:

And one more MoMA show called Print/Out which looks at the evolution of printed matter since the 80s:

Wow, that’s quite a bit of links, just one more, this one on small business and an inspiring story from Alissa. Check out her blog here:

Have a good, long weekend,

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