Creative Update

Creative Update 6

I thought I would stick with the ‘local’ theme for this creative update and talk about – what are hopefully – targets for our business. These businesses really show what the future of ‘local’ and ‘small’ looks like. Starting out is a totally cool project/company from LA called Scout Regalia:
The site is clean, includes a store and has a well edited blog. This is how it’s done. Sunset magazine had a nice spread on them recently, online here:

I’m putting together one of their patio garden kits to raise peppers. We’ll see how that goes ;’)

Another one is a small vertically integrated fashion brand in Arcadia called railcar fine goods. All of their jeans are hand made in Arcadia by a small team of craftspeople. The office also doubles as a showroom and ‘store’. A wonderful manufacturing model with a distribution mix of web and highly selected retail stores. Check out the site here:

I’m impressed by their approach to re-invention of the artform of making jeans through innovative shapes (rather than yet another 501 copy) and their focus on the combination of craft and machinery. Full disclosure: Bill and I are happy owners of jeans from these guys ;’)

On the competitive front, check out a European site called qype ( I’m not very fond of their look and feel I must say. Though I do like the simplicity and notion of ‘top five’.


PS: a plug for a nice food/gardening blog from friends of Melinda Goldstein. Check it out here:

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